Dr Aldrin Kit-Seng TAI
MBBS (Hons) Sydney, FRACGP

Medical Specialities: General Practice
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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Dr Aldrin Kit-Seng TAI

Dr Wu Lien-Teh is Aldrin Tai's second great-uncle.


I feel honoured to be a relative of the great Dr Wu Lien Teh, even though, I was made cognizant of Dr Wu's achievements recently, when I was privileged to read the book "Memories of Dr Wu Lien-Teh, Plague Fighter", I am utmostly appreciative for the opportunity to have pursued a career in medicine and treasuring it as a lifelong vocation.

I am in awe of Dr Wu's remarkable contribution to medicine especially in the field of infectious diseases, public health and research. Being his great grand nephew, I am very proud of his achievements and he will forever be a shining light and a source of inspiration in my medical practice.

Being a family physician and GP, I am definitely in the frontline of medical workforce in the current COVID pandemic. I have witnessed a great deal of fear and anxiety in the community, difficulty in procuring PPE and masks in the initial stages of the pandemic, and being aware of one's own vulnerability. I was very busy implementing practice policies pertaining to the pandemic, for the medical practice and staff. This was obviously a work in progress, having to encompass the ever evolving sea of information and updates.

I can imagine the frontline in this day and age would be more challenging. More technology, more information to digest, with speed of communication leading to the need to process ideas and thoughts rapidly. Expectations are high for a ground breaking vaccine for COVID-19 and medicine regimes to curb this rampant infection. The fear of not procuring enough ventilators to treat our critical patients was always in the back of our minds.

Nothing could change the old adage of Dr Wu's innate qualities, astuteness, good organisational skills, compassion, resilience and the brilliant medical mind of the great man. These are essential qualities required during our current pandemic.


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